Student Group Leaders

Clubsource allows student groups to create pages that will be shown to targeted audiences likely to be interested in their clubs.

Reach More Students

When a club leader creates a page on Clubsource, they will enter a variety of information that helps connect them with potential members. This information includes a description of the club, a list of tags—or categories that club falls into—and meeting dates. Students will then be paired with clubs based on this information and the interests they enter. Club leaders can easily sign in and change their club’s page at any time so that any interested students can easily find the necessary and up-to-date information to join their club.

Communicate with Members

Clubsource provides an easy platform for club leaders to update members. When a Clubsource user subscribes to a club, they are automatically added to that club’s email list, which can be used to send updates through Clubsource. Club leaders can also upload their own email lists in the form of a CSV file or spreadsheet. Club leaders can also upload resources for their members to their page.

Collect Dividends

Clubsource’s revenue-sharing formula distributes money generated from advertisements to clubs based on the number of page views they receive. At the end of each month, the money generated from ads will be split between Clubsource and club leaders, with the most viewed clubs receiving the greatest share of the revenue.


Clubsource helps students find and follow groups that match their interests.

Tell us Your Interests

After you register, we’ll ask you what you’re interested in so we can tailor your suggestions. You can change these at any time.

Get Matched with Student Groups

We’ll find the clubs at your school that are best suited for you using an algorithm that factors in both your interests and the popularity of the clubs. You can also search for specific clubs or topics.

Subscribe to Groups

If you find a club that interests you, you can subscribe to them in one click and quickly see club info, including media, resources, and sample meetings. This will also add you to their Clubsource email list.