All the funds for Clubsource's first school, Greenwich High School, will come from advertisements. Advertisers are an essential part of the Clusbource ecosystem.

Why advertise with Clubsource?

Hyper-local audience

Clubsource is an opportunity for businesses to reach a group that is otherwise difficult to target: local students. The traffic on Clubsource is almost exclusively nearby students, allowing businesses to attract potential customers without wasting money on irrelevant viewers.

Support student groups

By advertising through Clubsource, businesses can support the activities of student groups in their community while also promoting themselves.

Half of our advertising revenue goes directly to clubs, so you can be assured your support is felt. We allocate funds based on the traffic each club receives, encouraging clubs to get people onto the site, where they will see your ad.

Clubsource provides advertisers a unique opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience while supporting GHS students. To advertise your business on Clubsource, contact